[thechat] serendipity on a friday afternoon

Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Fri Mar 23 14:23:40 CST 2001

So. I've been listening and thoroughly enjoying the latest music mix my 
University son (with fast connection and the propensity for downloading 
free music) sent home last weekend.  19 tracks of  twistin' and a 
groovin'  tunes yet one kept plucking at the brain chords immersed as I am 
in that horrendous (but oh! so necessary) part of my livelihood, 
transcribing Annual Reports into HTML.

"dum de dum you stole the sun from dum de dum"

Who penned this stick-in-my-head tune?
Heh! Manic Street Preachers.

I love when that happens! :)

cfn ... jen (who's going ... ever so slowly ... daft)

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