[thechat] SW Art!

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Fri Mar 23 20:43:05 CST 2001

>I agree. I've been to a number of good mexican restaurants in Texas - in
>Austin, Dallas, and San Angelo. The most interesting restaurant I've seen
>in TX though was in a small town half way to Austin from El Paso - it was a
>little German village, and the food was totally authentic German food. What
>a surprise to come across it in the middle of cow country...

That's Fredericksburg. I was there with the friends I was staying 
with after the Austin weekend. I actually didn't go for it much, it 
was, as Maggie said, "Twee" (a British-ism meaning cute in a kitschy 
sort of way). But you're right, the food was quite authentic German.

Speaking of the SW, one of my favorite authors is Edward Abbey (his 
best book is "Desert Solitaire") ... you can read some of his quotes 
at http://www.abbeyweb.net/quotes.htx

New Mexico was my favorite state until I went to San Francisco and 
other parts of the Bay area, which kinda blew everything else out of 
the water. Grand Canyon is another really noteworthy place, but if 
you can ever get there, try to go through on a rafting trip (never 
done the "rim" thing, can't imagine it compares to the Colorado River 


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