[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Mon Apr 9 18:28:04 CDT 2001

At 04:36 PM 09/04/01 -0500, Scott Dexter wrote:

>What do you *really* do at work? (hell, what about away from work?)

I am half of a partnership (in business and life) that creates, maintains 
and works web sites for small to medium sized companies - mainly local but 
a few "from away". Dinosaurs in the field because of length of time doing 
this (1995) but also that we continue to be generalists in a sea of 
specialization. Most likely because we live in a rural environment. At 
times this causes problems but more often we are delighted that we can do 
what we do, where we do it.

That is ... a 150 acre hilltop farm in rural Nova Scotia, Canada in our 150 
year old house. We can be at one of 10 "to die for" beaches within 40 
minutes and are attempting to do this as much as possible this summer. 
Assuming of course, we ever *get* summer!

Outside work, we snowboard from our doorstep, canoe in the lake and river 
at the bottom of our hill, bike along our dirt and woods roads. Used to 
have animals - horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys and ducks - 
not all at the same time - but have whittled it down to 2 dogs, 2 cats 
because we really hope to start some travelling once #2 son has gone off to 
University, next year. And are considering a house swap - South of France 
preferable - sometime after that.  In anticipation, we started a wine 
appreciation project this past winter. Don't know that I'll ever be a true 
connoisseur but the journey sure has been fun! ;)

cfn ... Jen

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