[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Apr 10 10:31:40 CDT 2001

Ok, here I go.
I'm new here so I'll take the opportunity to also present myself to the

//stands up
Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm a mom at home.
But don't take that wrong, I also consider myself pretty good at coding.
After 10 years of professional C/C++ developement in high end graphic
companies, I "retired" to stay home with the kids. To keep my brain engaged,
I do website developments from home.

I'm a Microsoft slave, especially since I owe them the fact that I'm rich
enough to stay home now. I got 4 years of Microsoft employment, when they
bought the company I was working for (Softimage). So while I'm somewhat
fluent in *nix (mainly SGI platforms) I'm now better with Windows. My COM
and DCOM are a bit forgotten by now though.

Typical day:
feed the kids. Bring my son to daycare. Feed daughter, put her to bed for
Rush downstairs, read email. pick up phone messages, faxes (if any)
Post Star Wars scoops onto TheForce.net
Keep the peace in TheForce.net's message boards
Fix any technical problems with said site.
Change diaper.
Develop stuff for a few clients I do have, mainly ASP with Access or SQL.
Don't look at me to do graphics stuff.
Read email.
Change diaper.
Do laundry.
Develop some more stuff for clients, make sure the gal who's  my contact
understands the changes I made.
change diaper.
Call back gal in question to explain again
Check on new technologies we want to use at Theforce.net (XML, RSS, pda
Pick up son from daycare
call back gal in question to explain *again*
Get dinner ready for the whole family.
Change diaper.

Ok, so I have weird days since I decided to stay home but I love it. ;)


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