[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Daniel McMurray mcmurd at ccaa.edu
Tue Apr 10 12:08:11 CDT 2001

There has been less response to this thread than I thought - I figured it
would turn out like that "Where are you from" thread from last year on
thelist, where I went away for an hour and came back to another 50 emails
or so.....  anyway, here's what I do;

I work for a smallish company of 40 or so people, and we're a complete
service web firm, handling large clients - I don't want to be specific,
but we have a couple of professional sports teams as well as some large
'food' clients, etc.   I just graduated from college a year ago, hence my
.edu email address that they let me keep, with a degree in social studies,
so I have no formal training whatsoever in my chosen field.  My official
title at work is "Content Developer", and I basically update and fix
errors on existing pages, and once the designers lock in the design on a
new site, I add the content to it.  It's not overly exciting, but if
things are slow (as they have been for a little while now) I can work on
some other things - I'm using the time to get better with JavaScript and
to learn ASP, with the intentions of moving to a more
technically-oriented position.

Seeing as how others have given a schedule of their day, here's mine.

8 am.  Get to the office.  Sit on my can in front of a computer.
4 pm.  Leave the office, drive home while keeping my third digit
permanently affixed in the vertical position because the average Cleveland
driver *sucks*.
4:45 pm.  Get home.  Sit on my can in front of the computer.

That's about it, so to keep myself sane I also design board games when I

Mundane, perhaps, but I have time to be lazy.


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