[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Tue Apr 10 15:02:16 CDT 2001

Hello all,

I suppose I'll creep out of lurk mode to answer this one as well ;)

My "day" job is at a Public Library working as a Public Computer Center
Coordinator. Basically, I get to coordinate 14 public internet and word
processing terminals, manage the help desk for said machines and settle
differences of opinion between staff and patrons on just what the phrase
"hostile working environment" means in regard to porn. It is, all that being
said, a great job. Another part of my responsibilities includes maintaining
and expanding our public web site, our Intranet site and a project for a
community information network and website that the library is leading.

In the evenings, when not hanging with my 5 year old son, I get back in
front of the computer and either work on my personal sites or (if I'm lucky)
work on a paying client's site. I am just getting started in the freelancing
business - got my first real client in December - and I'm still working on a
"professional" site for the freelancing gigs.

I spend about 14 hours a day in front of a computer and would probably spend
more if it weren't for the little one - but fortunately he goes to bed early
so I can hop back on late at night ;)

I use DreamWeaver 4 and Homesite for all my web work with FireWorks 4 for

I'll fade back into obscurity now...

Robin Hastings
robin at rhastings.net

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