[thechat] Tech device of my dreams becomes reality...

martin at members.evolt.org martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 12 17:02:04 CDT 2001

At 17:25 12/04/01 +0100, William Anderson wrote:
> > 2) always be late for flights so you don't have time.
>I _still_ always somehow find time to be taunted!  17.5% off the retail is
>just too much for my poor brain to resist!  ... must ... buy ... at bargain
>... price ...

Hmm. When your flight is due to leave at 18:40, and your ticket (checked
in already thank goodness) says the gate closes at 18:10, and the
Heathrow Express gets you in @ 18:20 and you run all the way to the
gate carrying a heavy as fuck rucksack, THEN you don't have time
to shop. Or breathe much.

(now recovered - 5 hours later)

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