[thechat] Tech device of my dreams becomes reality...

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> [snippage]
> Hmm. When your flight is due to leave at 18:40, and your ticket (checked
> in already thank goodness) says the gate closes at 18:10, and the
> Heathrow Express gets you in @ 18:20 and you run all the way to the
> gate carrying a heavy as fuck rucksack, THEN you don't have time
> to shop. Or breathe much.

I still managed to buy a PS2 (well, fill out the pre-order form, pay using
amex and pick out 10 DVDs as part of the bundle they were doing) while my
7am flight to Stansted was boarding ...

ground crew bint: "Now boarding flight GOE501 to London Stansted"
dixons sales drone: "acht, don't worry about it"


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