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Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 13 11:53:18 CDT 2001

On Friday, April 13, 2001, at 11:47 AM, Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> Bob Davis wrote:
>> It's interesting to note that when folks with cars like mine replace 
>> the
>> computer with a higher performance one (adding some 50-60 hp), they 
>> seem
> I've been thinking about doing something like that for the summer..
> where did you go to get info on that bob?

There are a few places that do good things for BMW's.  You can call my 
friend Paul Royal at Bavarian Autosport (http://www.bavauto.com/ ) - 
800-535-2002.  I don't know much about BMW engines, but there are a few 
guys out there doing some stuff with the ECU's.  You won't get the same 
HP benefit that I can though - the S6 is turbocharged, and turbo's are a 
lot easier to tweak.

Paul is an old friend.  Tell him I sent you, and he'll help you out.  
He's honest, and won't sell you something that won't help.  He's a 
serious motorhead too.

For me (or Audi owners in general) there are a number of listservs and 
on-line groups.  I was on an e-groups list for s-cars (the Audi 
equivalent of BMW M cars), and also on the quattro list for years.  I'm 
sure there are similar groups for BMW/Z's.

>> The electronics in our engines (Dan - can't speak for everyone, but I
>> know yours) are very complex.  They measure the density of the air
>> coming in, the temp, all kinds of stuff - and they deliver the exact
>> amount of fuel that will burn cleanly in the cylinder.  High 
>> compression
>> motors love high octane and timing advance.  It's all good.
> Ya, when I took it in a couple weeks ago, it was pretty cool to see them
> hook a laptop with a serial device to my engine :)

That's OBD II.  Cool stuff.  It tells them how many times you've hit the 
rev limiter, if you've hit the speed limiter, what the timing is, if 
there are any sensors that are out of whack, etc.  It's pretty damn cool.

You can get the software too - just have to know where to look, and you 
may have to get out the soldering iron to make the connector.

>> So.  Am I the only car geek?  The Trophy counts - even though it's a
>> bike, it's just too cool.
> Oh no.. The reason I was thinking about dropping some new electronics
> into my engine was because every summer for one weekend, they open up
> Elkhart Lake up here in Wisconsin(its an Indy class race track) for
> 'amateurs' like us to race our cars around on.. It only costs $75, and
> you have to sign insurance waivers up the wazoo, but you get a
> certificate.. and its just cool :)

Very cool!  I'm going to try to track my car this summer too.  I'd like 
to go to a couple Quattro club driving schools (Lime Rock, NHIS, maybe 
Watkins Glenn).  FYI - most insurance covers "driving school", but it 
won't cover "racing".  The distinction is important if you have an 
'off'. :)

I teach a winter driving school up here that's a blast.  We drive on ice 
that is like a hockey rink, and teach accident avoidance and advanced 
car control. It's real rally stuff.

> Bob, you should bring the audi up and we could race :)

I took a guy in a new 328/330csi (?) out the other night at a stop 
light. :)
No wheel spin with all wheel drive, you know. Just rev it and dump the 

My favorites, though, are the hondas with huge coffee can exhaust tips.  
It demoralizes them to get stomped by a big, 4 door 'old man' car. :)  I 
just laugh.  If it's raining at all, it's just not even fair.

(ok - so I'm not always mister safety. sorry.)

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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