Oil changes was RE: [thechat] gas prices..

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And then, if you live downtown (like me), your building may not allow bikes 
in the building, which means leaving it chained to something flimsy outside.


At 10:07 AM 4/16/2001, you wrote:
>Do you live in the US? With the exception of a very small handful of major
>cities and little towns, it is damn near impossible to live within biking
>distance of a job. Even if you live within that distance, frequently the
>roads are in such bad shape or so bike unfriendly that the risk to your life
>isn't worth the attempt... I currently live about 4 miles from my job and
>the road between here and there is a potholed, no shouldered nightmare to
>drive on let alone ride a bike...
>Ron White
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>Be green. Use bikes. :P
>I don't plan to start driving cars for another 10 years.

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