[thechat] Bike-friendly cities...

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Apr 17 01:35:18 CDT 2001

Dave McLean wrote:
> I know the US is car crazy, but it can't be the same for every city or town
> can it?  Aren't there any cities or towns in the US with a less car centric
> plan?

I think the classic example is New York - lots of mass transit, it's
downright car-HOSTILE! DC is another. My town, San Diego, has mediocre, but
slowly improving mass transit, and is /pretty/ bike friendly. But it needs
improvement. San Diego has a very funky layout though, lots of canyons and
bike-unfriendly and bus unfriendly topology.

Check this -- kind of interesting blurb in the lower right...

    - joe <http://artlung.com/>

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