[thechat] what does "inde" mean?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue May 1 11:27:16 CDT 2001

okay, since this came up on the previous thread, I have to ask, wtf 
does "independent"mean?

I think of it as meaning "non-corporate."  Like an independent movie 
theater is the theater owned by Joe, who lives locally, or something.

But I've heard people talk about "independent music."  Is that music 
NOT signed on a major label?  Or what?  I hear people talk about 
"inde" bands.  Are these bands that are making records with 
non-corporate labels?

I've even heard reference to an "inde poet"  -- to which I asked "is 
there any other kind of poet?"  and was told, curtly, "yes."  So I'm 
mystified.  What poets are not independent poets?  Ted Hughes?

Is "independent" an economic or a social state of being?

I'm confused.


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