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Sean German seanmgerman at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 13:33:24 CDT 2001


Well, I guess I'm now part of the new new economy--got
my dot com pink slip the same week my ex-CEO was
featured on the first page of Boston Business
Journal's Tech Biz section.

The issue I face is my resume (like its owner) is
completely unfocused.  I've done some web work (CF,
ASP, Javascript) but I don't consider myself a web
designer; I've worked with databases (MS SQL, Oracle)
but I don't feel qualified for a senior dba position;
I've worked on network engineering, product
development, email organizations and groupware.

I know there are positions out there for folks like me
that like to have a finger in a lot of pies at once,
but how do I find them?  And just as important, how do
I help the folks with those jobs find me?

Most sources of job information (Agencies, Want Ads,
Company HR depts) put positions into generic
categories like "Network Admin" or "Java Programmer". 
My skills and experience don't fit into any of those
categories, and I like it that way.  Of course, I
liked it a lot more when I had a job.  =)

TheList seems to have its fair share of
jack-and-janes-of-many-trades.  Any suggestions on how
I present my varied experiences to employers, or how
to find those positions that play to my strengths?


Sean G
SeanMGerman at yahoo.com

<tip type="resume, job hunting">
A good time to update your resume is right after you
get a job.  Add the experiences and skills to expect,
or hope, to attain in your new position.

Then when you do regular resume maintenance (which for
many of us is next time we're looking for a job) you
can compare what you've been doing with your
expectations or how the position was explained.

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