[thechat] Third Wheel

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu May 3 12:37:48 CDT 2001

yeah, you get them at bike shops.  Are there no bike shops in your 
part o' the world?

The trailers, you know, the yellow ones, generally hold 100+ pounds 
of kid.  So your kid doesn't need to be THAT small.

I've not used either of these devices, but thought about both.  I 
have a very small 5 year old, I don't know if she'd be confident & 
steady enough for one of those 3rd wheel trailers.

We have a bike shop here in Portland that will actually rent those 
things out to you for a day.  A very good idea as you can see how 
they work for you.  You also might be able to find them used for a 
much better price than new.


>My husband wants what I'm going to call a 3rd wheel for his bike so 
>the 4-year-old can pedal along behind him at the parks and forest 
>preserves around here.

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