[thechat] Bob's bent wheel was: new car, caviar, 4 star daydream, think I'll buy me a football team

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Mon May 7 14:50:47 CDT 2001

On Sunday, May 6, 2001, at 09:51 PM, matthew garrett wrote:

> I think you would appreciate these folks, since the machine to right the
> wheels was invented locally, and is very precise.   A very bright guy. 
> So
> let me know how it  goes, and if you're happy spread the word...

As it turns out, there is a place about 10 miles from me that does this 
too. I went today to have the wheel straightened - and while I was 
watching, he showed me other bends in the wheel as he rolled it under 
the micrometer. Wow.  That wheel was a mess. I'm probably going to bring 
the car down to have the other wheels checked as well when I have more 
time.  It was really shocking.

It's another kind of ugly site, but it's not hideous.


It's a lot better now. They're good people there.

Nice attention to detail and very friendly.


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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