[thechat] on line comics?

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu May 10 14:24:17 CDT 2001

> Scott, you think cause you're far away in Texas I can't kick 
> your *, don't you.

No, I think because you keep making yourself an easy target, I keep

> And do I need to explain it?

uh, no. But hey look! As a proper woman, you've gone ahead and explained it
anyway! And explained it all wrong! How appropriate! <duck>

> Men don't think tend to think about things like taking out the trash, 

oh we think about it, we just figure we'll do it later. Simple as that. No
more, no less. Any analysis above and beyond that is masturbation, sorry....

> but for some odd reason, it seems to be a job that gets assigned to 
> them (by women, who are generally in charge of menial housekeeping 
> tasks).  Even though it's the easiest job on earth, men tend to 
> forget to do it, so they have to get reminded by women.  So since God 
> is in this role, God must be a woman.
> I don't know, maybe it's an American thing,  but I've observed it in 
> a zillion households.
> Okay?  Okay.

sure, honey, whatever you say. Can I have the remote back please?

all in love

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