[thechat] 2 monitors behavior with fullscreen popups (Was: ki nda cool)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Thu May 10 19:11:55 CDT 2001

It's a combo of W2K and the previously mentioned Matrox g400 dual head card.
I'm running 19" and a 17", but they're both at 1024x780, and because of some
basic incompatibilities between the OS and the card, I end up with one big
monitor. This is not the intended behavior of the g400; I think at one point
I had messed with it enough so that I got things maximizing in my 19"
instead of both screens, but it messed up something else.

It's annoying only in 2 ways: 1) those instances where somebody thinks I
need to see their window stripped of chrome and controls and 2) because what
I was hoping to do was be able to switch one monitor to 640x480x256 colors
on the fly. I could do it on 98 or NT4 with this card, it's only W2K that's
screwy. I could easily solve it by installing a cheapo PCI video card and
get all the benefits of two cards, but I'm kinda lazy about hardware. :)


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>McCreath_David wrote:
>> Here's a direct link to the flash piece (the link from the main page
>> JavaScripts the window to full screen, which is annoying on 
>a dual-monitor
>> setup ;)):
>Huh? Like it spans two monitors? So it's a giant horizontal thing?
>That makes a perverse kind of sense, but it makes me appreciate my Mac,
>which so far uses one as a "Master" monitor - so the available size for
>popups is judged by the "master" monitor.
>I wonder if that's OS, or browser specific?
>	-joe <http://artlung.com/>
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