[thechat] Mythology was comics

john.peace john at johnpeace.org
Tue May 22 14:39:17 CDT 2001

So, with so much confusion, contradiction and conflict within the community
of 'christians', what is real? and, what is the real message or truth of

I identify myself as a Christian...but I yell at people in traffic, smoke a
little weed and don't volunteer at the homeless shelter. Am I bogus? I don't
think so, just immature and underdeveloped spiritually...enlightenment takes
time :)

In the gospel, Jesus tells Simon Peter, a short tempered, foul mouthed
fisherman, 'follow me'. Simon Peter was amazed at the PERSON of Christ...and
followed. Throughout the rest of the new testament, readers witness a total
transformation of this man, Simon Peter. Eventually, he leads the church and
is martyred for his mature, unwaivering faith in christ.

But he's the same man who denied even knowign Christ on the eve of his

I think the message in that is...come as you are, God's love is big enough
to accept the worst of us. I've heard pastors say 'God loves us enough to
accept us as we are, but he also loves us too much to leave us that way'.

Mythology? I dunno...not really exciting or graphic enough to be mythology.

Don't believe it? Hm...so who was Jesus then? It's pretty much undeniable
that he existed. He claimed to be the son of god (god incarnate). If you
don't accept his claim...then you have to conclude that he was either a)
deluded or b) deceitful. Neither of those options seem even slightly
possible to me...considering the depth and heart-penetrating 'truth' of his
words and attitude. If you find a way to discount the words of Christ and
just dismiss him as a nut, I'd almost like to hear it (for entertainment
value), but I have a feeling that your convictions about his foolishness
won't hold up ultimately.

Time will indeed tell...

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