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From: "john.peace" <john at johnpeace.org>
> Hm...so who was Jesus then? It's pretty much undeniable
> that he existed. 

That's a pretty bold statement. Are you just referring to a dude who
called himself "Jesus"? Well, I'm sure there were more than one.

> He claimed to be the son of god (god incarnate). If you
> don't accept his claim...then you have to conclude that he was
> either a) deluded or b) deceitful.

Maybe. But, you would also have to accept that he made that claim.

> Neither of those options seem even slightly
> possible to me...considering the depth and heart-penetrating
> 'truth' of his words and attitude. If you find a way to discount
> the words of Christ and just dismiss him as a nut, I'd almost like
> to hear it (for entertainment value), but I have a feeling that
> your convictions about his foolishness won't hold up ultimately.

You surely don't have to pass Jesus off as a nut to believe he wasn't
the Son of God. It's not binary like that. It's not like "if you're
not the son of god, you're a nut". He was a good guy. His words,
whether they came from one man or many, were for the most part damn
insightful. I try to live my life by the majority, but that doesn't
mean I believe that Jesus is the Son of God or that there is a God. I
don't know whether there is a God and honestly I don't much care. I
live my life the best I can and if that means I get into some
after-life party then... rock on.

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