[thechat] sadly: mousebuttons, was: being political and fair.

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu May 24 23:48:30 CDT 2001

>  > Aaaa. You say that now, but you wait until someone starts an argument
>>  about how many buttons a mouse should have!
>alright, let's go.
>my personal preference (and current usage):
>5. left button is standard. right gets contextual. centre closes windows
>(very handy). first thumb button switches applications (ie, alt-tab), and
>second thumb button minimises all windows and shows the desktop. and there's
>the scrolly wheel in there too.
>you? in the hope we can start a bit of a war: "you're not one of those
>1-button mac goons are you?" ;)


Here was me vaguely not trying to (but, not so secretly, trying to 
all the same) start this argument...

My macintosh should become a cindered wreck, burning like a tyre at 
the bottom of the ocean. The only thing preventing this is an 
awareness of the catastrophic environmental consequences of this 
reckless and emotional act.

Five buttons is just a useless waste of resources, and an indication 
of the user's need for instant gratification. Like a baby with a 
bottle (or my need for bourbon in the late afternoon).

Two buttons is just plain silly.

Three buttons: you've your left button (hey that makes sense, or 
right button if you're left handed); right button for contextual 
menus; middle for copy / pasting... Wheels are for lazy pussies. :-)

Fire away!

(flames to: whyareyousuchabitchyouusedtobeaniceboy at thepander.co.nz)
Andrew Forsberg

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