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>Can anyone suggest any current authors who are real science fiction writers
>(not fantasy)?

Give Mike Resnick a try -- I'm not a huge fan, but my BF is (I'm not *not* 
a fan, just not very familiar with his work). Also Joe Haldeman, though his 
books tend to be modern wars (mostly Vietnam) cloaked in interplanetary 
garb. Good reads, though.

Famous sci-fi/fantasy I can't make it through:

The Lensman Chronicals
I, Robot
Anything by Burroughs (though I want to read them badly, since I'm a huge 
Heinlein fan and he seems to have been a big Burroughs fan)
The fairly recent critically acclaimed /Cryptonomicon/ by Neal Stephenson, 
whose other work I have enjoyed - got about halfway through this one and 
decided I was disliking it enough not to bother

I did muck my way through LotR as a teenager, because I was a Fantasy genre 
reader and knew that all good Fantasy genre readers loved it. Frankly, I 
thought it was horribly written and a bore to read. Interesting story, 
though, so I'm sure we'll see the movies (BF agrees with my assessment of 
the series).

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