[thechat] sci-fi recommendation (was LotR)

iris laren4 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 06:49:10 CDT 2001

for something totally off the wall try jeff noon.
'vurt' is great. although *weird* would be a better
term to use.  it's about a kind of virtual reality
that you get into by sucking on a drugged feather.
different colored feathers for different trips.

'pollen', a kind of sequel to 'vurt', is also
fantastic (in every sense of the word).  if you suffer
from hayfever it's an absolute must ;)

they're set in manchester, uk, where i currently live,
which made them all the more fun to read.  pollen
starts in a park around the corner from where i live. 
but i must say, it's not really a manchester i



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