[thechat] Broadband

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Tue Jun 5 09:53:23 CDT 2001

>So finally I get broadband - cable modem, new in the area.  I sit and surf
>at 1 meg/sec - loving life.  I decide to splurge, get the Linksys wireless
>router and wireless card, and start surfin' on my deck on the laptop unwired
>( well, for 3 hours until my laptop battery gives out).  So last week, the
>cable company facks up a router, and I'm without a internet connection for a
>week - just came back up an hour ago.
>Even though my dial-up was slow, it was dependable.  I wanted to tell these
>cable bastards not to fack up again, or I would cancel.  Then I realized I
>had no other broadband options.  DSL, other cable providers, satellite -
>nope.  I already looked into them all, and none in my area.  It's like
>losing power for a week.  Not much you can do.  Hell, if you lose power, you
>always have the option of buying a generator.  Don't know of a broadband
>It's like an addiction. I hope the broadband doesn't go down again.  I
>really need my fix.
>Chris Evans
>chris at fuseware.com

I know how you feel! I have an account with NetZero for free dial-up access as a back-up
for when things go wrong. It's slow and horrible, but it is a connection when the cable
goes out!

Robin Hastings
Public Computer Center Coordinator
hastingsr at mrrl.org
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