[thechat] my iMac frightens me...

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Jun 19 20:16:38 CDT 2001

>(I hope that works - you might need to sign up)

Bob & others, so many thanks.  I guess it comes down to I'm going to 
have to address the issue... the computer room did get very warm a 
few weeks back, and I was worried it had been related to the heat.

I'm too fricken lazy to troubleshoot this.  I am lazy therefore I use 
a Mac.  So I guess it's going to be a bit of Disk Warrior, a bit of 
disk backup, and wait & see on the rest.

I am just tired of so much computing in my life.  I compute at work, 
I compute at home... there is more to life than computing, yea, even 
more than computer repair.

There is wind, sunlight, water, skin... sushi...

I think it is dinnertime.


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