[thechat] shonen knife

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Jun 26 18:03:07 CDT 2001

>I'd recommend 712 and Let's Knife as "most representative albums to gauge a
>bands typical output" type albums ... well, as "typical" as the Knife get ;)
>They're bloody good albums to boot.

Thanks... 712 was on my radar.

I love the cover art on their CDs also.

>For pure novelty value, get Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them too
>(a compilation album of covers by such bands as Redd Kross, L7, Sonic Youth
>and Reverb Motherfuckers) ... :)


I don't know what it is about Japanese girl groups... I'm pretty 
clueless about music nowadays (I was listening to Country Western 
during the whole grunge thing) but  I bought Cibo Matto's 
"Stereotyope A" 'cause I thought it had a cool picture on front... oh 
and because I knew Sean Lennon was in the band ... and I played it to 
death.  I just love it.

And then we're in this store, and I let my daughter pick a CD... 
she's 5, and she picks this CD --- again, based purely on the cover 
art... birds and rainbows, bright colors she likes... turns out it's 
an all-woman Japanese techno noise group (can't even remember their 
name right now) -- we like to listen to it at dinnertime.

What is this thing about Japanese all women groups?  Is it a 
marketing thing that they make work over there?  All-woman groups are 
so uncommon here in the US... aren't they?


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