[thechat] the sound of words.

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jun 27 19:01:21 CDT 2001

>misunderstanding of lyrics - where people hear something different from
>what's there


Jon Carroll, my favorite SF Chron columnist:

(I like his cat columns best, though)

>S'cuse me, while I kiss this guy.

I recently purchased a set called "Voodoo Child" that includes 
several live performances, and dude, he said that on purpose.  In the 
live version.  On that CD.

>p.p.s.: about Cibo Matto: their cover of "The Candyman" rocks my world.

oh... never heard... it's a good song... reminds me of that movie 
"Smooth Talk" though, ever since the mid 80's...


BTW I am now thinking the Shonen Knife "Buttercup" song on PowerPuff 
CD is pretty damn close to Blitzkrieg Bop... but sweeter...  same 
chord progression, same sound... but with a different quality...

"not necessarily stoned..."


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