[thechat] the sound of words. (Moreno Veloso- Porteugues rock)

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Thu Jun 28 04:44:53 CDT 2001

Speaking of interesting phonetic sounds and lyrics, has anyone here heard of Moreno Veloso?

They are beautiful; particulary because they are singing in Portugeuse, which I almost never heard.
It has a nice latin ring to it, with a soft transition between words- almost like the bushmen in
"The Gods Must Be Crazy" movies. (I must be crazy to make a reference to African bushmen from
experimental brazilian rock, but that is how it sounds to me.)

Caetano Veloso is Moreno Veloso's (the frontman's name, and also the band's name- i think.) father,
and is also known as "the leading mean of Brazilian music".
(http://www.globalvillageidiot.net/mveloso.htm) Thus, it makes sense for the son to be coming out
with such wonderful music.

Moreno Veloso's album "Music Typewriter" that came out this year has been really nice commuter music
for me, and I recomend it to all you chatters.

One last thing: I found out about Moreno Veloso in Wired's music review section earlier this year.
Joe is supposedly a collector of Wired Magazines, having every single episode from day one. (You
have to take a photo, an- I'd love to see that!) I only have a small collection of the mags- mainly
because withing a day of recieving them the covers become torn off or pages become crumpled. I need
some magazine archive holders..
(http://containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?PRODID=63427&CATID=213 )


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> Erika Meyer wrote:
> > Even the more mainstream Cibo Matto, I love the sound and images in
> > their lyrics... & sometimes you know they're just putting in words
> > because of the way the words sound...
> yep. there's a style of dada poetry with the same aesthetic. I think the
> best example of that in a rock group is Cocteau Twins. Also the Talking
> Heads I Zimbra - which is more nonsense and actual nonsense words.
> A correlate phenomenon (hey! I sound like a Master's Thesis!) is the
> misunderstanding of lyrics - where people hear something different from
> what's there.
> S'cuse me, while I kiss this guy.
> - Joe <http://artlung.com/>
> p.s. : I saw Shonen Knife at Lollapalooza some years ago - fun - but a
> short set. I have "let's knife" but I can't claim expertise. They're fun
> though.
> p.p.s.: about Cibo Matto: their cover of "The Candyman" rocks my world.
> p.p.p.s. : I have a compilation of beatles covers from Japanese groups
> on tape - something a buddy made for me - awesome to hear phonetic
> singing.
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