[thechat] the sound of words. (Moreno Veloso- Porteugues rock)

Flavia Silveira-Tarzwell (FayeC) fayec at canada.com
Thu Jun 28 19:27:04 CDT 2001

Boy he sounds exactly like his father.......funny.....
I didn't even know that Caetano had a son that old......
Anyways..thanks for the tip......I have been away from Brazil for so
long and so busy here in TO I don't have much time to enjoy the things I
left behind.....

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Speaking of interesting phonetic sounds and lyrics, has anyone here heard of Moreno Veloso?
> They are beautiful; particulary because they are singing in Portugeuse, which I almost never heard.
> It has a nice latin ring to it, with a soft transition between words- almost like the bushmen in
> "The Gods Must Be Crazy" movies. (I must be crazy to make a reference to African bushmen from
> experimental brazilian rock, but that is how it sounds to me.)
> Caetano Veloso is Moreno Veloso's (the frontman's name, and also the band's name- i think.) father,
> and is also known as "the leading mean of Brazilian music".
> (http://www.globalvillageidiot.net/mveloso.htm) Thus, it makes sense for the son to be coming out
> with such wonderful music.
> Moreno Veloso's album "Music Typewriter" that came out this year has been really nice commuter music
> for me, and I recomend it to all you chatters.
> One last thing: I found out about Moreno Veloso in Wired's music review section earlier this year.
> Joe is supposedly a collector of Wired Magazines, having every single episode from day one. (You
> have to take a photo, an- I'd love to see that!) I only have a small collection of the mags- mainly
> because withing a day of recieving them the covers become torn off or pages become crumpled. I need
> some magazine archive holders..
> (http://containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?PRODID=63427&CATID=213 )
> -charles
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> From: "Joe Crawford" <jcrawford at avencom.com>
> > Erika Meyer wrote:
> > > Even the more mainstream Cibo Matto, I love the sound and images in
> > > their lyrics... & sometimes you know they're just putting in words
> > > because of the way the words sound...
> >
> > yep. there's a style of dada poetry with the same aesthetic. I think the
> > best example of that in a rock group is Cocteau Twins. Also the Talking
> > Heads I Zimbra - which is more nonsense and actual nonsense words.
> >
> > A correlate phenomenon (hey! I sound like a Master's Thesis!) is the
> > misunderstanding of lyrics - where people hear something different from
> > what's there.
> >
> > S'cuse me, while I kiss this guy.
> >
> > - Joe <http://artlung.com/>
> >
> > p.s. : I saw Shonen Knife at Lollapalooza some years ago - fun - but a
> > short set. I have "let's knife" but I can't claim expertise. They're fun
> > though.
> >
> > p.p.s.: about Cibo Matto: their cover of "The Candyman" rocks my world.
> >
> > p.p.p.s. : I have a compilation of beatles covers from Japanese groups
> > on tape - something a buddy made for me - awesome to hear phonetic
> > singing.
> >
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