Jay's Fonts .. was .. Re: [thechat] Why Grandparents Shouldn't Babysit

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Jun 29 11:39:39 CDT 2001


That's whacked... haven't see the problem myself..

Check under Tools, Internet Options, Fonts, language script .. mine's set at
Latin based.

Also, Under View, Encoding, I have Western European (windows) set as

Any chance your fonts are corrupted?  Tried re-installing Windows system
fonts?  Fonts messed up in any other application?  I'd be tempted to
reinstall IE.

All else fails.. maybe MS has some info..

Just some suggestions ....



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| > and download the movie linked on 28 Jun 2001. Enjoy.
| Hey-
| ever since I upgraded my IE to 5.5, everytime I go to a site with sans-
| serif or serif (such as Terry's site) I get the following problem.
| http://www.weberrific.org/dev/badtext.jpg
| I'm sure it's something dumb like not having Microsoft's new version of
| these fonts or something, but before I go getting all serious and all
| I was just wondering if anyone knew explicitly what was up...

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