[thechat] hi

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Jul 6 16:54:51 CDT 2001

Martin wrote:
> >>some dot com rioters, some subversive vegetarian cyclists, some
> >>fantasy and science fiction enthusiasts, an Abominable Snowman
> >>Effuse Anal Tibet fan, some beer enthusiasts, some whisky
> >>enthusiasts, some car enthusiasts, some herbalists, and Bob.
> >>
> >>does that sound about right?
> >
> >Hey!
> >
> >Why do I have to be the only one mentioned by name! There's also Joe.
> Plus you fall into at least 3 of the mentioned categories.

yeah! I'd say that violates some kind of schema/entity-relationship/set
theory rule.

if I'm a science fiction enthusiast, but not really a fantasy
enthusiast, then I'm not in the mentioned categories, so I can be named
by name. :-)

let rudy create the database model. but don't get to serious about it or
it'll be offtopic and we'll have to move it to thelist.

	- joe

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