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Mon Jul 9 07:17:26 CDT 2001

Hi Erika,

Your post brought back some 'audio flashbacks' for me!  Thanks.  ;-) 

There is an absolutely wonderful song about Robert Frost on the Jay Leonhart
CD - "Salamander Pie".  [There is kind of a delicious shock value to the
first time you hear the immortal Robert Frost referred to as "Bobby".]

The entire CD is excellent ... but the song musing about the ways in which
"Bobby Frost" must have tried to meet the bills while he worked on his
poetry is one of my favorites.  Barter?  "Oh! Here's a nice one I wrote
about the snow!"  Wealthy girlfriend?  "Bobby don't you worry 'bout the
dishes.  No, no, no."  .... An amusing song about artistic struggles in

I bought it on the basis of the review I read - "If you love jazz, if you
adore classical, if you like country and western ... buy this disc!" ...
That was a combination I was intrigued to hear.

Oddly enough, the music actually DOES live up to the review!

RonL. - Gee.  Now I've only got 5 more impossible things to do before lunch
at Milliways!

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'And Bob, he loves to read Robert Frost... but he calls him "Bob Frost."'

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