[thechat] Sigh - work sucks - rant

mantruc javier at msm.cl
Mon Jul 9 16:55:43 CDT 2001

Hey Chris:

i feel the same way about this place, i really don't know what to advise
you, i just hope that (writing - reading) about it helps you feel

i opted not to fight any more because the man in charge
understands everything wrong, and every shift he makes leaves us worse
i know he'd never take my advice - and i don't think he deserves it

i was thinking about it last night and this morning too
(our company changed owners some months ago)
i used to look after going to work
now i feel this pain every morning just like it was 
when i was a little boy and i didn't want to go to school

it also used to be a challenge, now it's a boring routine
we don't get new projects, i don't even study-reseach as much as i did
it feels useless since my coworkers' mediocrity won't let me play with
the new stuff i learn

i don't think that life should be that way

i sent 4 more resummes this weekend
that's all i can do for now, and cross my fingers


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