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spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Thu Aug 2 10:53:35 CDT 2001

can i rescind the 'wimpy' in front of 'brown' ?

i've had my mustache since i was 14, and i've often wondered what i'd look
like without it. if i was better with photoshop i guess i'd know.

my wife's hair is 44" long (she's only 63" long) but i've always told her,
it's her hair, cut it if she wants. she says the same for my tache; 22
years, neither one of us has tried it


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> >love the hair color! i've always secretly wished i had my brother-in-laws
> >bright orange shock (not red; listed as 'orange' on his california
> >license.) have a friend who i finally convinced to grow a mustache (we
> >needed to do SOMETHING for his poor face) and in spite of his wimpy thin
> >brown hair, he grew a huge orange mustache that made him look like some
> >of crazed scottish warrior
> >
> >might not work for a cute little girl, though
> (pout) -- actually, it's a light brown, but the camera they used picked up
> the pink of the blanket, so she's only red in this picture.
> Ah well, she's still a keeper.
> And, I don't think we'll be seeing any moustaches anytime soon. (Actually,
> I just recently agreed to letting my husband shave his moustache -- I'd
> never seen him without it -- and it actually looks /so/ much better)
> <t />
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