[thechat] House Hunting Blues

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 2 14:00:40 CDT 2001

Feel you pain, Ron.  I once lived on... Sue Lane!!!!!  Even worse all the
other streets were named similarly.  Margerette, June, Nancy Lee, Renee,
Evangeline, Kimlie, Katrina, Hilda, Ruth, Phylis, ...

FWIW, Buckhead is a rather pricey section of town in Atlanta.  No one there
jokes about it.


> Yup - this house is on 'Buckhead Ct.'
> The civic planners down here evidently have far too much access to 'X!
> What the hell kind of name is that?
> "Where do you live, sonny?"  "123 ... BUCKHEAD! ... where do you live?"
> <pow.  smack.>
> Say it four times fast and get your mouth washed out with soap.
> "I wasn't swearing at Billy, Mom - I was just telling him where we lived."
> A somewhat discouraged RonL.

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