[thechat] Mailing List Cross Pollination

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 06:26:13 CDT 2001

Feeling a little fragile today, so this may ramble a bit.

Last night at the meet I was telling the other reprobates about one of
the other mailing lists I'm on for the comedian Mark Thomas. And we
decided (well, it's Kevs fault really) that I should post the details
here because there might be a few other people interested.

For those of you who don't know who Mark Thomas is, he's a comedian who
doesn't really do comedy (bear with me here), he's more of a thorn in
the side of the establishment. Think Michael Moore... but smarter.

For example, how about organising ballon trips over the electronic
monitoring station at Menwith Hill:

Or having a smear campaign directed against you by the Department Of
Trade & Industry (personal favourite of mine):

There's much more info at the following sites:
http://www.channel4.com/mark_thomas/intro.html (officialish)

As to the list itself. It's an motley bunch of people with topics
covering everything from good places to go camping, the (UK) goverments
arms policy, how to use coke to strip paint from a car, climate change,
linear algebra, blue smarties, loads of stuff. You'd be amazed at the
breadth of crap that gets talked about.

As is usual with mailing lists, if you take the plunge and sub, lurk for
a week or two. We don't bite, we're just a bunch tree-hugging hippies
really, but it never hurts to get a feel for the place.

Subbing instructions from http://www.mtcp.co.uk/online/list/join.html

Just send a message to

majordomo at gbnet.net

with no subject and the single line in the body of the message:

'subscribe mark-thomas your-email-address'

Or, if you treasure some control over your life, try the Digest version
by sending a message to the same address (majordomo at gbnet.net) with no
subject and the single line:

'subscribe mark-thomas-digest your-email-address'

You should now paint yourself white, lie under a table, and await
further instruction in the way of the grep...

I'm going to have some breakfast now, and perhaps lie down for a bit.


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