[thechat] external cd-r recomendations??

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Aug 4 10:13:51 CDT 2001

sorry for the lateness, i'm not subscribed, i just browse thechat archives
once in a while...

i bought my first cd-rw a few months ago but coincidentally only just
installed it last week

it's a microsolutions backpack external cd-re-writer, pc card and parallel

it has some pretty neat software, but as part of the install, it will also
upgrade any old version of IE it finds to IE5 and there's no friggin way
around it -- thanks a lot, assholes (yes, i'm bitter, i don't like having
these surprises, especially since it isn't mentioned *anywhere* on their
product, except an obscure comment in the Help file about requiring IE4+)

so i finally had to say goodbye to IE4 and all the bugs, er, insights into
people's web page designs that IE4 reveals...

anyhow, i have now, for the first time in 4+ years, got my important stuff
backed up...

it is rated to run at 4x, but when i tried it, my feeble pentium 166
couldn't read the files off the C drive fast enough, there were buffer
errors, and my first cd was unusable

so i just went ahead and burned them all at 1x

apparently it has the ability to burn audio cds, but i haven't tried that

it will play audio cds nicely, even disconnected from a computer, through a
little tinny speaker

cannot recall how much i paid, but i bought it from dell along with my
recent computer, so i prolly paid way more than street price...

hope that helps, dan


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