[thechat] Proposed Central Texas/Austin Beervolt

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Tue Aug 7 10:21:40 CDT 2001

At 5:37 AM -0700 8/7/01, you wrote:

>Ok group, lets pick a date and time! Sure I have a September 1 
>deadline on my current project, but a couple of beers would do me 
>good. Suggestions; Shoal Creek Saloon (Austin), Shaggy's (? Austin), 
>someplace in San Marcos because it's kind of a half-way point for 
>San Antonians.

Well, my GF has to be in Austin for a conference for a bit next week, 
so Austin might be fun. I'd also throw in the Gingerman for Austin 
locations. They have something like 80 different beers on tap. It's a 
little warm to be outside though - unless we're waiting for dark.

Aside from that, San Marcos is always good, as it is a lot closer 
than Austin. I live in North SA though, so Austin isn't too bad.

What are you thinking about for dates?



bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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