[thechat] Ethernet Card and DSL and Faxing

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Aug 30 18:40:20 CDT 2001

Hey folks,

How's that for a descriptive subject line?

A hardware guru I am not.  :(

Many thanks to Garrett and Dan for their advice on what Ethernet card to get
and the proper cable.  It's a good thing you guys gave me some guidelines,
cos the sales staff at the store I went too were not only clueless but
completely rude and obnoxious.  Guess who still has her receipt and is going
somewhere else to buy what I need and return what I bought to the crappy
store?  ;)

Anyway .. I've a really dumb question.  Background .. I'm getting our
version of DSL here, offered by the phone company, Sympatico High Speed.
Should be installed next Tuesday.  Though the CD hasn't arrived yet.

Do I take my modem out to install the Ethernet card?  How will I fax?  Can I
still use my winfax program?  I use it a lot .. both sending and receiving
faxes.  If both the Ethernet and Modem cards can live happily in my machine,
should I transfer my 56K modem and give it to my folks and take their (my
old one) 33.6 K modem cos I'll only need it for faxing (and trying to get a
fax connection over 14.4 is next to impossible).

Also, I have a phone hooked up to the back of the computer now, into the
other modem slot.  Will I still be able to have a phone in this room?  Does
it still plug into the modem or into the Ethernet card?

I'm so confused...



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