[thechat] Anybody Remember IIF?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Sep 5 15:07:07 CDT 2001

Sorry ... I'm a little more 'dazed & confused' than usual here today ...
(and understandably so given recent events!)

But Anyway, ... I just came out of a meeting where the trailing
conversation had some folks discussing if-then-else structures.  I piped
in by adding "elsif" and "immediate if" to the conversation.

I was greeted with blank stares and even some laughter.  Which [I have
to say] surprised and shocked the heck out of me. {Gosh - maybe I really
am THAT old!}  No one else there had ever heard of "iif"!

I'm quite sure that I've used boatloads of the little buggers somewhere
in the distant past.  But where?  A google search turned up home grown
functions to add "iif" to delphi and/or ASP code. [Even an MS link
claiming it was an oversight to leave it out of VB!] (The delphi link
claimed it came from "C" - but I never did much with "C".)

Sorry - my cerebellum is fused at the moment.  Was "iif" an old Fortran
stand-by?  Or maybe used in a few dozen of the old 8-bit languages? 

(There was also an "if and only if" ... but that's on old "math thing".
I think it was written "iff" and usually used in conjunction with a
bunch of upside-down capital letter "A"s ["for any"] and backwards
italic capital letter "E"s ["there exists"].)

RonL. - apparently just another "old guy" rambling and muttering to
himself today!  Gosh!

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