[thechat] Fear and Loathing...

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 7 20:00:53 CDT 2001

Watery? Weak? Something was definitely wrong. I've had it bottled and on
tap, and it was a robust, sweet/spicy ale with real attitude, not just a
pretty label.

Maybe they were cutting it with water, like it was expensive Scotch. (I,
however, perplex bartenders by ordering my Talisker neat. I like the
anguishing smoky burn, thank you very much.)


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> >Arrogant Bastard, when it can be had, is the best there is. I prefer it
> >Guinness. Honest. (sure is nice to work 15 minutes from Stone's Brewery)
> >this is what wet socks taste like, count me in.
> Wow.  I'm going to have to try it again.  I tried it awhile ago when it
> first came out here (with a name and label like that, how couldn't I?).  I
> was very disappointed.  I thought it was weak, watery, and uninspiring.  I
> expected something more along the lines of the Rasputin from North Coast
> brewing.  Now that beer will put the fear of god into you.
> [ . . . ].
> Judah

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