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Wed Oct 10 10:52:52 CDT 2001

--- Madhu Menon <webguru at vsnl.net> wrote:
> Could any of you nice people in USA tell me what the
> new series 
> "Enterprise" is like? Is it cool?

opinions are split, of course.  check /. for opinions
and spoilers:

i totally loved it.  from the moment i heard that
scott bakula (from quantum leap) was the new captain,
i knew i'd like it.  he's the softie type that women
like ;)

i think they did a great job of keeping the feel of
the original series without being too corny and tacky.
the ship, uhura's earpiece, the scanning thing that
spock used to look into, communicators...

i also think it's a very good analogy of our present
state of mind.  if you look at star trek in the
historical context:  

60s TOS - boyish, thuggish, arrogant
80s TNG - political correctness in a perfect world,
prime directive 
90s DS9 - the world is getting small, more angry,
irrational behavior
90s Voyager - growing militarism and an authoritarian
maggie thatcher at the helm
00s Enterprise (and non-ST farscape) - confusion,
uncertainty in a world of alien languages and habits
(multiculturalism), and maybe the insight that it's
better to understand first before acting (giving the
gnarling klingon the benefit of the doubt)

quiet striking similarities to the present, i'd say. 
but that's what sf has always been:  a mirror on the
present rather than a view into the future.

i could go on...


omnia mea mecum porto


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