[thechat] Excuses, excuses

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Oct 11 14:21:04 CDT 2001

At 09:18 PM 10/11/2001, you wrote:
>(why is it that bad results are caused by economic conditions but good
>ones are caused by strong management?)
>However, now those same companies are almost universally blaming
>the events of September 11th:

Bah! This makes my blood boil, Martin. The goddam (is that how you spell 
it?) 3rd quarter ends in September. Don't tell me that 19 days will 
suddenly screw the performance of a company.

Everybody needs a f***ing excuse. Hey look, terrorist attack - let's fire 
20000 people. Hey, we're merging with Compaq - let's fire x0,000 people 
(the "x" is because they keep increasing the figure every week). People 
aren't flying, so our IT business is down 80%. Bullshit.

And then when I see moronic statements on company web sites like "people 
are our greatest assests", I feel like ripping their guts out.


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