[thechat] FW: Protesters

Miriam miriam at dynagirl.com
Thu Oct 11 15:13:33 CDT 2001

>>Carrots and sticks work best in combination; not exclusively....
>What the wealthy don't understand is the level to which carrots and
>sticks are patronizing and demeaning, and the anger they incite.

Wow, glad to know I'm rollin' in the dough.... would someone please tell my
bank account?

My whole point has that there seems to be such a polarized debate here-
either Love & Hug & Patchouli one's enemies into submission, or Bomb The
Everlivin' Crap out of 'Em.  The Either/Or approach doesn't work.  We need
to find a workable middle ground.  Here's an analogy (and I know it's not
going to be popular but please don't extrapolate too far, it's JUST an
analogy):  Ever see the way some people train their dogs (or children)? When
people approach it with the same polarity, there are disastrous results -
either a completely out-of-control monster dog (or child) or a disgusting
case of criminal abuse.  The awesomest dogs and kids? Rewarded for good
behavior but knowing their limits.

>So I deserve the carrot and stick treatment, just like all the other
>welfare moms, and all the poor nations of the world, all the rouge
>leaders, all the rouge states, all the rouge people, all the rouges.

Carrots and sticks or apples and oranges here?
Did welfare moms bomb the wtc?
I must have missed that headline.

peace out,

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