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Fri Oct 12 07:13:06 CDT 2001

--- Jeff C <jeffc33 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Yes. let's try and bring this back to the original
> subject.

no, let's not, because...

>Some people become a bit frustrated at the attitude
of >some of the peace 
>protesters.  The way that I read the originally post
>wasn't "You should beat 
>the stuffing out of every protestor that you see." 
It >was more along the 
>lines of "It's easy to say that violence should only
be >met with nonviolence 
>on a theoretical level.  What if the attack was on a
>more personal level?"  
>To put it another way, if you think that nonviolence
is >the only solution, I 
>don't think you understand the question.

...because the protests are not about patchouly and
non-violence just as this war is not about defending
freedom and civilization from evil terrorist.  

people are trying to shut up the protesters because
they are speaking out about what this is really about,
namely asserting control over a region rich of
resources that our wasteful lifestyles are so
dependent on.  

i'm fairly confident in stating that wars are never
about ideology or religion, they are about resources,
but politicians and corporations like people to focus
on the threat to their ideals and values because that
seems easier to justify.

here's one article that might help, hope the link


omnia mea mecum porto


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