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David Mccreath mccreath at
Tue Oct 16 16:50:53 CDT 2001

> >I still can't get over the 'evil' trading race who looked (and 
> >occasionally talked) like modern day Chinese. Deeply deeply 
> >unimpressive.
> I only saw Episode 1 once, but I too remember feeling it was 
> racially stereotypical but in a really vague ambiguous ways...

Yeah, it's arguable, that's for sure. I felt like the strong parts of 
Phantom Menace were stronger than the strong parts of Return of the 
Jedi, but the weak parts were weaker, too. Which is too bad, because I 
thought overall it was a decent movie. Not great, but decent.

> of course, I never really understood the 
> Princes-in-a-metal-bikini-and-golden-leash-held-by-Jabba-the-Hutt 
> plot element either.

Yeah, well, you're a girl. If you were a guy, you would see the 
absolute critical nature of that particular plot device. ;)

> Powerpuff girls is another one that uses racial/cultural 
> stereotypes in its evil villans.  (Evil Monkey MoJoJoJo 
> has a Japanese accent, for example.)

Hm. I never thought of his accent as Japanese, just foreign. Which is 
bad enough.

I have a friend who has a long rant about how fat, ugly women should be 
made the heroes of a few Disney movies to balance the karmic books.

> >Was anyone else rooting for the Sith (Seth?)? The double light 
> >sabre was amazing, he certainly deserved to win for his 
> >performance in the two on one fight.

I was hoping that Darth Maul wouldn't die. I wasn't crazy about the 
cartoonishly evil look (something a bit more subtle would have been 
better), but I did like the character.


PS -- Kisses, Erika. You know I'm yanking your chain. 

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