[thechat] We're Gettin' a Dog!

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 13:28:45 CST 2001

> My family is about to get a Golden Retriever puppy...anyone have any
> good/bad family-dog-stories they want to share?

Not exactly a family story, but...
I do some volunteer work for the Royal National Institute for the Blind
(RNIB), and I had to go see a guy I'd never met before. I knocked on his
door, and when he opened it a big alsatian came bounding out. I was promptly
introduced to his guide dog and, to make conversation, I said "Aren't most
guide dogs Golden Retrievers?", to which he replied "What, this isn't a
Retriever???". I felt totally crushed until he started laughing and said
he'd been waiting ages to use that gag on someone.

Kevin Stevens
kjs at ratking.co.uk

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