[thechat] Detox Update

Ben Henick persist1 at io.com
Thu Nov 29 19:06:06 CST 2001

> Glad to be back on my feet and thanks again for all
> the support y'all provided when I was going through
> withdrawal hell. BTW, I asked my dr. if my reaction
> was 1 out of 1000 or what. He said I was 9 out of 10!!
> And they just gleefully prescribe this* left and
> right.
> * Paxil

This is the third cautionary tale to cross my sights.  The first came from
an ex-girlfriend, who said that it actually made things worse istead of

The second is mine - after my first dose my BP was 20pts above normal, I
was glassy-eyed (but cold sober) and there was... another adverse reaction
which was very painful and isn't really a good thing to mention in present

I explained to them that if I was not prescribed Zoloft (which I'd taken
three years previously with some success) forthwith, I'd just do without.

They wrote me a new prescription.

However, it's my experience that the use of anti-depressants in general
(and SSRI's in particular) not only makes for shallow lows... but shallow
highs as well.

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