[thechat] pure evil: Tobacco giant buys rights to lung cancer drugs

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon Dec 3 16:15:55 CST 2001

Kevin Stevens wrote:

> I'm going to stick my oar in here and muddy things up a bit. I seem to have
> settled in to a way of thinking over the past couple of years where I just
> find all this kind of thing ridiculous. I am no longer amazed or shocked by
> our capacity to shaft our fellow humans at every given opportunity. Although
> I honestly think that the tobacco companies are doing this because their
> backs are against the wall with all these stupid lawsuits[1] being bought
> against them, I do love the cynical idea that their investment is purely to
> provide longevity in their customers and, therefore, allowing said customers
> to spend more on their products.
> Congratulations on standing up for your principals, I like to think I do the
> same thing, but is a bit soul destroying when you realise that your stance
> means nothing because there are a hundred other people who don't give a damn
> and will jump at the opportunity of making a quick profit, regardless of
> anyone else.

Never surrender. No compromise.

Time for me to re-read Watchmen - for the character "Rorshach" - who 
won't *ever* give up, and will do what he sees as right no matter the 

Of course he's a psychopath -- but he does stand up for his principles.

That's how I see it -- even if I am a minority of one -- right is right.

	- Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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