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> I didn't vote in the last UK election, not because I wasn't 
> registered [I was, mostly because if you're not registered to vote 
> it's damn difficult to get a mortgage in this country, which is 
> bizarre but hey, local government sells your addresses...] but 
> because I found it far more useful to send the evening in the pub. 
> Lots of people aren't registered though: many people lack the 
> literacy 

Literacy is a good point - effectively 3% are disenfranchised

> and social skills [including the time and the money] 

But this is not.  All households in the UK are maildropped with 
freepost voter registration cards every year.  Assuming you don't 
move house, once you're on the register you stay there more or 
less forever.   Comparing this with the US really isn't


People under 25 have almost a 80% no-show rate in England though, 
and according to research it's because there's no perceived point.  
Guess what? They're probably right.  My money says the electoral 
system is to blame, but there you are.

It's also worth noting that voter turnout among the same age
groups in Scotland is dramatically higher (in Westminster votes)
- imho because there are comparatively very few constituencies 
where your vote doesn't remotely count at all.

Hmm.  That drifted a bit, but it's half one in the morning so
bugger it, I'll post anyway :-)

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