[thechat] pure evil: Tobacco giant buys rights to lung cancer drugs

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Tue Dec 4 13:02:17 CST 2001

>One of my ex-sister-in-laws said that getting off heroin was tough, but
>nothing compared to quitting smoking. I've never done either so I can't say,
>but I feel for you.
Last time I quit smoking (erm, back in July
> http://members.evolt.org/seb/show.php?oid=22 ) I went and wrote a CMS
> system from scratch in PHP in a little under 2 days, and then put on about
> a stone in a week.
> Bugger, blast and bollocks.
> Seb.

I just quit last friday (85 hours and counting) and I feel for ya, Seb! Of
course, I'm not doing this cold turkey (yeah for the patch!!), but a friend of
mine is and he is going nuts. I didn't need the reminder about putting on weight
though - I actually figured out how to stop the "after food" nic craving - just
don't stop eating...

Robin Hastings
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